Monday, January 18, 2010

The Big Day

Well, today is the day, I am so sending God through the door first!

Here is a picture of my darling Mom. We had a wonderful day yesterday, walked around Hollywood, ate a fabulous lunch and looked for stars. I am so happy she is here!


  1. "Break a leg." & have fun doing it. Glad your mom is with you. Best support ever...
    One of our younger girls, who got her 30 day chip last Saturday, had her mother with her in the meeting this morning. You could see & feel how proud they were of each other & the love between the two. Great way to start the day...
    I hope yours is off to a flying start as well.
    My thoughts, prayers & positives are with you & your mom...

  2. MOMBOMB is sending you courage, grace and confidence as you send your amazing message out to the masses!! xoxoxFaye, Diane & Katie