Monday, January 11, 2010

Before Retiring

Dear Lord,
Thanks for keeping me out of fear today. It just kind of felt like I was coasting. It was nice. I am so grateful that You are the one running this show. Please help me to keep it that way. Please help the many people suffering needlessly from alcoholism, and may they each find an angel to help show them the way, as I did. You know I would so write a story on her. but she would kick my butt! Thank You for her God! You really are brilliant!
I love You,


  1. Emily, if you are talking about an angel-spirit,
    please give her a name--not for us--for you. We should name our angels, you know, they deserve that.

    Mine is named Flexible..I call him "Flex". but he has helped me now for about five years, through some thin and thick stuff. I talk to him o aloud, because I am pretty sure he cannot "read" my thoughts. He DOES have a good idea what I'm about, because of my attitude or behavior of the moment, but he does not know my inner secret thoughts.

    Please do not think I'm rude for mentioning this, it comes from my heart.

  2. Sorry, Emily, I just realized that your "angel" is a human. Well, your post was inspiring, and inspired me to write about MY Thank you again today, and isn't it wonderful, that God is in charge?

  3. O' that is neat Steve, thanks for sharing. Mine is an angel in human form, so she could actually kick my butt:) She is an oldtimer and has been sober many years and out of respect I don't write about her. I would like to trust me. I believe God placed her in my life to save it! She is a very special person! Emily

  4. I read your blog everyday and find you so inspiring. I hope you are keeping these prayers written somewhere. I would love a book of them. You are a constant inspiration and I love your prayer style. It helps me with mine. Love to you.

  5. Leslee,
    Thank you so much. I am glad you enjoy reading my blog! Thanks for commenting, it means a lot to me. Emily

  6. I think all the recovery bloggers who help me so much are virtual angels. Every one of them. Good stuff today, Em.