Sunday, January 10, 2010

Before Retiring

Dear Lord,
Thank You for my serenity. With so much on my plate, the fact I am calm is a miracle, thank You. I am sorry for the times this week that I was quick to anger. It is hard when people are slow to be supportive and it frustrates me, but that is no excuse for me to be rude, sorry. I have a friend in pain, please help her God. Thank You for my wonderful boys and the amazing life You have given us.
You are my one and only hero,


  1. Since I'm heading for bed, reading this post was MOST appropriate.

    Thought you were going to trade in the "over-halls". Hee-hee-hee. Anyway YOU like is OK with most peeps!

  2. Love the new pic - and I personally like the overalls! Daily reminder - What meeting(s) are you going to today??? Have a great one!


  3. Humility. Gratitude.Joy.

    Your post says it all.