Saturday, January 9, 2010

Before Retiring

Dear Lord,
Thank You for my crazy, busy day. I could feel Your presence throughout the day, it was nice. Please go first in my upcoming adventures, and I will follow. To watch what You are turning my life into, which I thought was over, is amazing. Is it weird to say that I am proud of You?
You're my hero,


  1. Dear Lord,

    Good morning. Thank you for surrounding Em yesterday. Please always draw her near to you and allow her to feel your overwhelming love and grace.
    We are humbled by your power and excited about the future. You have given us a hope and a future {Jeremiah 29:11} and we will abide in you. In Jesus name I pray,

  2. Good Morning J! I am going to do S.S in question format, I think. I have a crazy week, so lots of classs for me in the next few days:) XO, Em

  3. I like your simply and powerful prayer of thanks. It is a necessary part of my day. If I am thankful and teachable I am not pitiful and whiny.