Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Before Retiring

After reviewing my program I realized I am a total slacker about praying at night. So, as part of my -Keep Emily Accountable- project, I am going to start blogging my nightly prayers.

Thank you for my many blessings today. Please bless my upcoming projects and may they be Your will instead of my own. Please keep me out of fear and selfishness. Please help me to stay focused on my primary purpose.
You are my hero,


  1. Very nicely done! We pray every night with our kiddos and they NEVER let me forget! Sleep tight & have a great day tomorrow!

    Hugs - Annette

  2. Dear Lord, Thank you for my friends Emily and Annette. Than you for keeping us safe and bringing us to a place of sanity. Help me to be an example to all those around me of Your unfailing grace.

    In Jesus name,

  3. Thank you all for helping me keep my spirituality in the center of my little universe.

    Love the reminders, or else I'll get lost...

  4. Thank you Lord for bringing such wonderful, strong, spiiritual people into my life - everyone I've met on Emily's blog & Emily, all of my newfound friends at my online AA beginners group, all my peeps at my home AA meeting, my sponsor (who is awesome). I think my life will be much better with all of these people as a part of it. I thank you for giving my husband the strength and patience to deal with me for the several years that I was drinking - there were times when I thought he would give up, but he never did - and I think You had a big part in that. Overall Lord, I thank you for giving me a 2nd chance at a quality life and forgiving me my sins of the past. And with your Grace & Blessings, Thy will, not mine - be done.

    In Jesus name - Amen