Saturday, January 2, 2010

Beau's Birthday Breakfast

Today is Beau's 15th Birthday. I often make my boys breakfast in bed for them on their special day. This year Beau requested, bacon, sausage and hash browns. Good thing he's young and his heart is strong, cause that breakfast is kind of an instant heart attack.
I love you Beau and am very proud of the young man you are becoming. XO, Mom


  1. You DO take good care of your family, Emily. It brings you happiness now, and in the far future great peace may be yours, because of it.

    It brings ME joy to see Peeps like you, doing the right thing.

    On rare occasion, I still ask myself what the Fk went wrong with me? (But I know the answer--grin!)

  2. Happy Birthday, Beau!!!

    I love to make special birthday breakfasts, too! My friend makes her daughter cake batter for breakfast on her birthday! {without the eggs} Isn't that crazy?!?!

  3. Congradulations Beau!
    I hear that having a birthday so close to a major holiday can be a pain & get lost in the shuffle. Looks like you are making the best of it. My former sis-in-law has 2 kids born on Jan 6, 4 years apart & they worked it out pretty well. One other good thing, you will be one of the first in your class to get your driver's license... Enjoy...