Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Okay guys, I'm going to ask for a little help this month to keep me accountable. Could someone ask me every day what meeting I'm going to? I went 4 days without one. I meant to go, I planned to go, I think I might even have blogged that I was going, but I got too busy. That is just not okay! I got sober by going to meetings and like I have said before, they are my insurance. So for 4 days I was driving around recklessly with no damn insurance. I went to one today, so I am insured and safe to return to the highway of life. I have a crazy busy month ahead, and need to stay insured, so please ask me - feel free to ask me, "What meeting are you going to today"?


  1. 7am tomorrow? Get off to a good start for the day... Good analogy, it only takes a split second for a crash to happen. Keep your insurance up to date...

  2. What meeting are you going to today? The one you want to or the one you don't? My sponsor told me there are only two times I need to go to meetings. When I want to and when I don't. Been there--here is a virtual kick in the pants (in a good way)


  3. So true Kim! Sounds like you have a smart sponsor! Thanks for the -love- kick. I am so glad you ran across my blog, glad to have you as a blog friend! Em

  4. Since I'm central standard time I can remind you everyday at 5 a.m. your time! It will be early enough that you don't have to worry about missing - I'm pretty sure there are no
    5 a.m. meetings (who knows, could be)! I've got it in my brain to do this for ya! I went to 2 meetings last nite (beginners & then a Traditions), had lunch w/my sponsor today, BB meeting tomorrow nite, 3rd Step w/my sponsor at her house Thursday nite, Speaker meeting Friday nite, Topic meeting Saturday nite & BB study group at my sponsor's sponsor's house - then start all over again next Monday - "keep comin back it works if you work it"!!! I'll post ya bright & early in the a.m.

    Hugs - Annette

  5. A,
    I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! It sounds like you are working a WONDERFUL program! My morning meeting is my home group and I go when I don't have to get my little one ready for school. So next week a morning wake up reminder would be great, but this week not so great:) Again I am so proud of you! Em

  6. Everytime you go to a meeting you you are re-born, remember where you came from