Friday, December 4, 2009

This is my 100th Post!

I was going to title this post "Blogging a Bad Day" because it totally kinda was. It's hard to call any day in my life right now a bad day cause it is so, so much better than it was. But still I kind of had a crappy day.

I feel like I have privileged problems like this one; they showed my article and picture on The Rachael Ray show yesterday and I missed it. See a little hard to feel sorry for yourself when that's your problem. But that was not my only problem, I don't really know how to put this while still protecting the people involved. Mmmm...a sweet business associate called and asked me to come into her office to discus something with her. When I showed up there were 5 people in the room. Entrapment right!?. But I dealt with it like a champ and understood their point and hopefully they understood mine. It's kind of hard not to as I am a bit blunt. Also, I almost ran out of gas on the way there and drove there on a spare. Which all my male friends say is a very bad idea. It must be a really bad idea because one of them took care of it. My Mom is in town and my Uncle, his girlfriend and her grand-daughter get in tonight. I have a big party planned for his birthday tomorrow and I feel horrible, chills, fever, tired and sick...not good! There's also another bad deal going on, but it's "staying in the vault" kind of stuff. I am tired and cranky and am going to go to bed and pray to God that I feel all better tomorrow.


  1. I also pray to God that you feel better tomorrow...because you're going to NEED to feel better, with all what's going on...even in "the vault..."

    As you say, when I compare a "bad" day now, with the "old days'" bad days, these today sound GOOD to me!

  2. Stink Stink Stink!
    I am sorry for all the yuck. And thankful you can still see how good things are.

    Hang in there!