Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Teenagers are Tuff

I am succeeding at so many things in my life right now. Being a parent to a teenager is not one of them. I get so mad at him. It's not that I don't understand, I do. But he's so smart and so capable of great things that it irritates the heck out of me that he doesn't seem to care about his grades or anything else besides Call of Duty and football. I was a horrible teenager and at his age doing things that haven't even crossed his mind, so I guess I should actually be counting my blessings. I will pray for patience and understanding. It's not like giving up is a choice.


  1. Julia said...

    Wow Emily, I am going through the exact same thing with my 19 year old son. My baby. We are at a loss how to handle him. He moved out right after graduating last May and that didn't help. He is so disrespectful, rude, hurtful, selfish and just a "puke" of a kid to his parents. I never thought I would have a son like this. I am just praying hard for guidance. Turning it over to my Higher Power is the hardest thing for me to do, but I can't do and I know my Higher Power is big enough to handle it. In my drinking days, I would have said, "screw it" and told him off. I think Im finally starting to grow up, maybe one day, he'll grow up to. We have to love them through it.

  2. What I would have been doing in my drinking days is blaming myself, I still kind of do. But he has a pretty great life and a Mom who loves him more than anything so it ain't that bad:) I called his coach who is a great guy and he is going to start attending afterschool workouts hopefully blow off some testosterone. (sp?) I am sorry yours is a pain also. I guess that we just need to remember that God has no grandchildren and that these kids have a God and we are not it. Emily