Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sobriety Sunday

It is crazy how my attitude on drinking has changed when it comes to my children. I used to think that when my kids turned into teenagers I would be the "cool" Mom and let them drink here, as long as no one left in a car. Now, not so much. Beau my oldest is 14 and he, along with his friends, are easily some of the most informed kids out there. They know all about alcoholism and drugs and what the use of each of them normally leads to. That's all I can do really is inform them, as I believe knowledge is power. Of course the fear of them drinking or using is there, but if they do the chances of getting caught are pretty good. I have a hand held breathalyzer (I sell them if anyone wants one) and his Dad sells drug test kits for a living. But I also know that teenagers experiment, and to think that he never will is naive. I just pray this disease skips my kids. My little one once said "I'm never going to know if I'm an alcoholic, cause I'm never going to drink." Brilliant really!

I am off to class. I will write from my journal later:

I am picking a journal entry that is close to my heart. When I read it I can feel the feelings like it was yesterday. I guess that's good,the fear of ever going back there keeps me willing. I'm not sure if I have shared it with you guys but it's the page I opened up to so here....

July 2007 (I think)
I almost drank this weekend, the only thing that stopped me was God and the thought of standing up again. {name withheld} drank 4 days straight. It hurts so bad and I have never been so angry.

Reading that sentence takes me back to that lonely, horrible weekend. The day I wrote it I talked to another sober person who said to me "Do you really want make him your God?" It pissed me off enough not to give him my sobriety. She also told me the thing you think about the most becomes your God, and that's what I was doing. I went home and prayed and just like everything else eventually it did pass.


  1. Emily & mommaof3 - went to my 2nd meeting last nite - talked about the 1st step since I was new - told my story after hearing everyone elses - great meeting - got a temporary sponsor who I think is gonna be a great match for me - thank you, thank you, thank you again, again & again for both ya'lls support! Will keep you updated! Annette

  2. Annette- Yea! One of the best things I do is text my sponsor when I am feeling irritated and tempted. She generally texts right back. It has helped me to have a few numbers of folks who hold me acct and pray right at the moment I am most weak.

    Tis week might be tough......with Christmas then New Year's....keep in touch!

  3. Annette, It sound sound like you are doing just what your supposed to be. Great job sweetie! Mommaof3 is right this week may be hard. We are here for you. Let's all meet under Anonymous Comments and leave love and support there through out the week for each other:) Em

  4. My post about my thoughts on talking to my children:

    Happy Monday~