Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve?

This is how "not" into New Year's Eve I am...I am sitting here thinking, is this the night people are supposed to go out? I feel old, really old. I may be going to a dress up party with my friend Sasha, which is exciting. I love dressing up! But for some reason what I really feel like doing, is crawling back in bed and ignoring the whole deal. I will be blogging my way through the day, if not for sanity sake alone.


  1. I hear ya girl!!! 16 days sober now & sooooo glad we got outta town so I didn't have to worry about parties w/all our friends! I know I can't avoid them forever, but right now it's too soon! Me & my boys will be hunkered down in a hotel in Branson watching movies probably. Tomorrow nite we're taking in the Shanghai Circus Show - Chinese acrobats - should be fun. If you go out w/Sasha - knock their socks off w/your gorgeous self & have a kickass time - if you decide to stay home - remember, it's just another day of the year. Whatever you decide remember - you're the poo, so everyone should take a big wiff! haha - line from a movie. Have a great day & hugs sent your way! Annette

  2. Never a big fan of New Year's Eve. Sober or running with the pack. Just listening to a lot of distorted crap about last year, & empty projections for the next. There's no place like home for new year's. One day at a time is still the best.

    I was walking the dog in the park after class today & one new years fact hit me again. Somewhere close by there is somebody walking around who won't be among us tomorrow, all for the cause of the new year celebration. No, not a big fan...