Monday, December 28, 2009

Teenagers + Liquor Cabinets = :(

When I first got sober I had a bottle of Bailey's in my refrigerator, and when I shared that with my sponsor, she told me "Get rid of it, or I won't sponsor you." So I did. Once in awhile my drinking friends bring a bottle of wine over. They always ask if it's okay, and take it when they leave. So my house is pretty much alcohol free. Deliver me not into temptation.

It has come to my attention that some of the kids in my son's freshman class are drinking. It is so scary. I drank when I was a teenager, and never stopped. I know every trick in the book. Sure I know my house is alcohol free, but what about other kids' houses. I can't expect every one's to be. But parents please, please be aware that even if you have a "good kid", curiosity is still always going to be there. It's hard for teenagers to say no. I taught mine that he's going to be offered shit throughout his entire life, so to come up with his own funny way of saying no. I suggested "No, I'm good. If I drink my Mom will put her foot up my ass." hehehe. All I can do is give him the information, like if you get a MIP (minor in possession) or an MIC (minor in consumption) you don't get your license until you are 18. Now, to a boy that's a huge deal (I'm hoping huge enough). I also teach him that no matter what, he will get in less trouble if he tells me the truth. And yes, sometimes that's hard, I don't always want to hear the truth (like freshman drinking for example) but it is better that being clueless.

Here are some suggestions to get your house safer....

1. Lock your liquor cabinets
2. Take a black sharpie and mark your bottles (that only worked for my parents once, as I learned to add water)
3. Keep your cigarettes (if you smoke) and car keys close to you
4. Know their friends and friends' parents

If they are going to drink or smoke, at least you are not the one providing it, right!?

This could be interesting, share your tricks to help stop teenage drinking or share your story of your own teenage drinking.


  1. I wish I had some tricks or sure fire methods to keep kids from "experimenting" with alcohol, or med cabinets, or anything else. I think you are doing your best by leading by example with a liquor free & sober household.

    When speaking to & about the little grandkids this Christmas, I missed them of course, but I missed myself more at that age. Looking back at those days before alcohol entered my life & comparing it to the post alcohol days it's like a bomb went off. Now the dust has settled, & I can thank God I am in recovery. Better late than never...

    I hope & pray your teen & pre-teen, & all others, will make the right decision when the time comes & if they need it, have lots of people & places to go to & get some help...

  2. The first place I got beer from was my refridgerator in 10th grade. I took 2 cans after my dad fell asleep {passed out} and went for a ride with my best friend. We chickened out and threw the full cans of Busch out the window.

    Later that year a good Mormon friend of mine spent the night and we tried about three or four different things. Beer, a swig of whiskey, rum. But I really didn't know what to drink with what.

    We thought we were big stuff, thought we were drunk and thought we should have thrown up when we jogged the next morning.

    Little did I know what drunk really felt like, or what the need to throw up felt like.

    That came the summer after 11th grade when my aunt and uncle gave me bud light to chase the tequila shots they gave me.....