Sunday, December 20, 2009

Don't Defend and Don't Explain

I was taught early on in sobriety not to defend or explain my actions. It is so much harder than it sounds, but I try. I know I am doing the right thing in life right now. Not everybody can be an Emily fan, come to find out, as I have 1 hater commenter. Here's the amazing news I don't take it personally cause it's not, nor do I feel the need to defend myself any further.

I prayed for two years to be able to support my family in a comfortable fashion, and though we are not there yet I am working every second to get there. Here is something I have not shared, I have no high school diploma and no matter how much I study to take the GED test, the fear of taking it is overwhelming. I will face it one day, but not today. The fact God gave me an opportunity to support my family doing something I love, amazes me daily. I am starting a new website (I can't wait to tell you guys all about it!) and don't worry will always, always, be my top priority, but I need to make a little money so my prayers of being able to support my family can come true. Thank you guys for reading my blog. I love that it is becoming a place where people come to share. Your amazing comments and emails warm my heart. XO, Em


  1. Em, you inspire me in many ways, I always said you have a lot of great things to say, you just needed to figure out the delivery part of it. Well look at you now!!! You rock! And all of you other commenters are on a path less traveled, not an easy road you've chosen and I'm sure a very difficult decision to come to, but you put into it what you get out of it. I Know this from watching Emily, let her be your inspiration to do whatever you want to accomplish, as she is mine. You are all in my prayers daily.
    Name Withheld

  2. Emily,

    I am so thankful to know you and you give me wise words even though I don't necessarily want to hear it. I will listen to what you have to say work it!!!

  3. Emily: I remember you as Amy's little sister- feisty and smart. I have NO doubt that when you are ready, you will sail through the GED exam. I am so impressed by your strength and perspective, and look forward to reading about your many future achievements on your blog.

  4. Someone asked me once, "Are you aware that "No." is a complete sentance? I guess it is at that, & it works if you work it...

  5. Thanks guys!I am so proud of you Jess, see ya soon! I love that Wipsnide, I still have a hard time just saying no without explaining. I still once in awhile have people I know offer me a beer, I do have that come back down..."No thanks, still sober." :)

  6. I love this one Emily. Nan