Saturday, December 12, 2009


A super cute new little smoothie and coffee shop just opened in my neighborhood. Here's the deal with my neighborhood. Neat things open up and people think it's wonderful, but then they don't go often enough to keep a new little business open. I love BuzzBerry. Its staff and owner are great and I want to keep this wonderful little business in the hood. So I guess what I am saying is, buzz your butt over there and get yourself a wonderful cup of coffee and pastry or a delicious smoothie. You will be impressed, I was. My blended coffee drink was way better than the one I get at Starbucks and $1.00 cheaper. So buzz on over and get your buzz on!


  1. I am a coffee-holic for SURE, usually order quadruple espressos. Now we have a machine!

    But, but, but...I do not know where to find BuzzBerry? Are you in New York?

    --Naples, FL

  2. No, they are in Scottsdale, Az. Give me a heads up if your ever in town and we can meet up for a cup! Emily

  3. They are right by my favorite pizza place, Chizona's. Didn't even see them. Checked your ad & got the location. I'll take Jessie dog to their patio next time & order pizza from there. I'll tell them you sent me...