Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sobriety Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone! Today I am going to grab a journal and share whatever page I turn to...ready, set, go

October 2009
I often hear "You don't look like an alcoholic" It amazes me every time I do. I just want to say "neither does your doctor or lawyer or kid's teacher but they very well could be." Alcoholism is not choosy it will take anyone it can get black, white, rich, poor, women or men.

I am off to get ready for a meeting. Feel free to leave suggestions, I love when you guys do that!

I'm back, I actually went to 2 meetings! I love driving!

April 27, 2008
I took pleasure in someone elses pain. I am sorry God. I talked behind someones back. I am sorry God. I did not pray in the morning. I am sorry God. Please help me to improve.

Making amends is key to staying sober. The quicker and more effectively you do it the better. I know I owe an amends because when I do I am often uncomfortable until it's made. I am willing to do cause the second I do I feel better.


  1. Nice I like that. When I was in treatment I would get the question...what's your DOT? (Drug of Choice) and I said alcohol. Everyone was surprised, said I looked like a pill popper. Guess they have a look as well??

  2. Hi Jess...XO. I know right!? The fact there is still a sterotype (sp?) is so weird to me. Thanks for commenting. Talk to you soon, Em

  3. People STILL don't believe I am an alcoholic. Even my husband has a hard time accepting it. I tried to tell my family at Thanksgiving. Didn't work :(

  4. The only person who needs to understand their an alcoholic is that person. When I finally figured out that some people just didn't "get" it, I talk to an old timer and they told me "Yup, and they never will. But we do."

  5. thanks, em! I started a blog last night out of frustration and lack of my journal....I am hoping it will help me just to have some of it written out....