Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Up and Down

The up....Gavies Thanksgiving feast. I just love that kid. Mostly I love that he is still at the age where he likes me to be involved and still hugs me before I leave. Gavin is an all around great kid!

The down....Finding out once again that not everyone can be an Emily fan. Here's the deal for now this is my personal blog. It is about me, my life, my journey in sobriety, my fun times and my sad times. If it helps you, makes you laugh or you relate that is wonderful! I love getting your e-mails, they help keep me sober. It is hard to put your life out there to be judged, but I know this is helping people and to me that's all that matters.

The up....Having your super cute new neighbor drive you to kinkos to fax a contract to 'The Rachael Ray Show' it has been all up from there:)

The up....Then I went to visit my neighbors and ask them to re-send the RR contract, I guess it didn't go through the first time. Thanks Amanda! They are the funniest family I know. Mom, Dad and 5 daughters. They are flipping hilarious! They told me I had to pay them to use any of their stories, they swear like truck drivers, Dad is a truck driver in fact, so I'm not sure I could have used it anyway. But it was just the thing I needed. They are wonderful, they always welcome me into their home. When I ask If I may have something to drink they answer "Hell yes, it ain't your first time here you know where the sodas are, grab yourself something to eat while your in there." I did a freshly baked, beautifully decorated, sugar cookie. Thanks guys for having me over and letting me be part of your fun family!

The up....Reading my Beau who is 14 years old some of "A Boy called It" before going to bed is priceless and a perfect way to end the day!

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