Friday, November 20, 2009

The Police

Beau has 5 friends spending the night tonight. They know the rules... no sneaking out, no smoking of anything and no drinking or you're not allowed back. My house is the "fun" house, they like it here so they follow the rules.

They baked cookies, had pizza, played video games and dished on each other. Then they asked to build a fire. I let them do that. Once it gets as big as I am comfortable with (which isn't very big) I tell them it can't get any bigger or they're putting it out. They listened to that, cause the fire isn't why the cops came to the door, it was a noise complaint. Now my bedroom window is facing the backyard...I could only hear whispering voices, they were not being that loud.

I answered the door and two young cops are standing there, They tell me they got a noise complaint. I explain that there are 5 14 year olds in the backyard and at least they aren't running the streets. I told them I would tell them to come in. I then go in the backyard and see a beautiful sight, there they are all sitting around their little fire quietly talking. They are still out there, I told them to be very quiet and come in once the fire burns out. They are kinda adorable young men (if they knew I called them adorable they would call me a douche) But they are,6 football playing freshman, sitting around the fire bonding...adorable!


  1. Well, I did it...put your blog on my sidebar. Really I NEED more blogs to follow--grin It is 3 AM and I get up at 5 AM.Woe is me! No complaint,honest!

    That's the word--honest. You write with some kind of discernible honesty that makes it a worthwhile read. thanks.

  2. Thank you! I try to give the most I can to my blog without breaking any traditions or feeling to exposed. It is truly a learn as you go kinda deal. I am loving it so far and glad you enjoy my blog. Your is also very cool! Emily