Monday, November 9, 2009


Okay I said I would blog about it goes. Once a month for about 4 days I am a mess. I am tired, cranky and sometimes down right mean. I am normally a very patient person, those 4 days...not so much! It is like clock work, you'd think my kids and boyfriend guy would get that, but nope! Now I know there is no excuse for bad behavior but I kinda look at it like I used to be that way all the time in my drinking days, 100 times worse really. So it would be nice if my loved ones would cut me some slack. And in the mean time I will watch my sugar intake, get enough sleep and maybe make a doctors appointment and see what can be done about this problem.

Other than that I am having a great day! My Internet was down this morning so I cleaned a little. I ate a good lunch and am in a pretty good mood...maybe we are on day 5:)

I feel blessed right now, sobriety had taught me patience and today I needed a lot! I am trying to get my friend Bill's ad up. is an amazing site and I really want the ad up and working by tomorrow. I talked to my website helper and we cannot figure out why it's not working. The logo looks great then you click on it and it takes you to the site, but the envelope that is supposed to show up and open doesn't. If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know. I feel so blessed to have sobriety though...The old me would have freaked, but I didn't. Sure I want it done, but I know it will be in God's time, not mine. Off to say a little prayer about it:)

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