Friday, November 27, 2009

Our Thanksgiving...

Thanksgiving was wonderful. We had no real plan...just to go with the flow. I took a sponsee to visit her litter mates at her rehab (a litter mate is the group of people you got sober with) Then we came back here and cooked. While the turkey was cooking and everyone was taking a nap I snuck over to my friends house to visit with them for awhile. When I got back in my car to come home and check on the bird it wouldn't start...I tried and tried and tried, but no cigar. So one of my friends drove me home. Then we ate...It was great! I am actually a pretty good little cook! It was wonderful, no stress, eating with the people I love and help with the dishes. It was an all around great day. Then I went back to get my car and still it wouldn't start. I called the company they promptly called me back and said it's probably how I was humming. I retried and it started right up!

We are decorating for Christmas today! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Em

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