Friday, November 13, 2009

One Person

On the news I said "If it helps even one person, then it was worth it." Hoping it would help way more, but being okay with never "really" knowing.

I never expected to get to see the miracle first hand. But yesterday I did....

I go to volunteer on Thursdays at a rehab. I help with their book study. At the very end of the meeting I always ask if anyone has a burning desire. No one ever really does. But yesterday a new client did. She said "I just want you to know your People article is the reason I am here" I quickly teared up. She had read the article many times and knew she had a problem. Her bottom was when she drove her grandchildren to the store after having a few glasses of wine. She went home and told her husband she needed help. She found The Journey at Sundance on-line, having no clue it was the place I volunteered. Later she shared with me that the People article scared her. She said "I saw myself in writing." I am so proud of her. Asking for help is the hardest part, but it is also when healing can begin.

I am so blessed to have gotten to meet someone the article helped. Thank you God and Bless this amazing Wife, Mom and Grandmother on her journey!

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