Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The News

I am going to be on the local news tonight (ABC channel 15 at 10:00). I am a little nervous. I am starting to ask myself questions that are not in my control. Are they going to talk about what a gift recovery is? Did they respect that I don't want mentioned the name of the program I got sober in? Is it going to help anyone? When I do press I am doing it to help people, that is the only reason. The outcome isn't mine. I have to trust that even though it may not turn out the way I think it should, it is still helping people. It is not about me. It is about getting the message across that you can have a fun, happy and wonderful life without alcohol.

It went really well. I will post it as soon as I figure out how. It is way past my bedtime so I'm off to bed with a grateful heart! Good-night everyone, sleep well! Em


  1. Hi, Emily. I saw you on the news last night. You and the other lady did very well! You're both very brave for "coming out." Keep up the very good community service :)

  2. As a recovering alcoholic I appreciated the message. I too was a frustrated bored housewife who started to drink....It must be 5pm somewhere,right?

  3. Thanks for commenting guys! That used to be my favorite quote as I normally started drinkng by 11...I am so happy to be sober today!