Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Morning Meeting

This morning I got to go to the meeting I got sober in. I love it there, when I walk in the room I am home. I sit in the same chair, next to the same person and get love and hugs from many of the same people. Two years ago when I walked into that special room I was broken, but my life changed forever. I finally found a place where people knew how I felt, what I was going through, how I was thinking. I was no longer all alone. The difference between them and me was they knew the solution. They were laughing and I was not, so I listened to what they told me to do, because of that and the Grace of God I am sober today. I love every single person there, they saved my life.


  1. I attended meetings with my soon-to-be-ex-husband for a long time. We had a standing "date" at a Monday night meeting, and I was blown away by the grace and class exhibited by the people I had the fortune to meet at those meetings. I was warmly accepted when I explained that, "Hi, I'm Katie, I'm here for support." I wish my husband could have gleaned similar pearls of wisdom, but I guess it's just not his time yet. I hope he will get there eventually, and I want you to know that you are a true inspiration : )

  2. Thank you! Very sweet of you to go to meetings with him, support is so important! He'll get it when he gets it. Sometimes removing yourself from the situation helps them get there quicker (atleast thats what I'm hoping with a friend) God Bless, Emily

  3. Emily, I do not know how I got on to your blog, but here I am--only to find out that you already follow mine.

    You write well, and I'll return, but it's too darn late right now, and I gotta get up for a 7 AM the way, I feel the same when I walk in there at 7. I know nearly everyone and just about everyone knows ME, and what a good feeling that IS!

    I just feel so at home there--every morning! Being sober has become SO much more than I ever EVER expected. God is GooooD! I think so are you.