Monday, November 2, 2009

Internet dating

K, so I Internet dated last month for like a minute. This is why it was so brief...

My friend comes over and is telling me about this guy she met online. He has 3 kids the same age as hers,looks super cute in his pictures and seems like a nice guy. They chat for a few weeks then finally meet for dinner. K, girls this is a deal breaker...he walks in on his cell phone, doesn't ever get off to say hi. How rude! So she sits there thinking maybe it's his kids or work. But, nope just a buddy. There was no spark anyway. So we turned him from 3 kid guy to cell phone guy.

The deal with me is I'm not really ready to date, I am more ready to think about dating. So I was playing around on the site and along comes this nice guy who looks super handsome in his pictures. He has 4 kids and one of them is a baby. A bit of a red flag, but I love babies so I ignored it. We chat for awhile then he messages me that I seemed normal and gave me his number. I called and we talked for awhile. I was kinda excited about it.

So my friend comes to pick me up for Girls Night Out and shes says "Show me, Show me"
so I do and she goes "OMG that's cell phone guy" and I'm like "No flipping way you mean 3 kid guy" "He's really 4 kid guy" "Douche!" When we were talking he went on and on about living in a small town so I text him...You know how you said Timbuktu was a small town? Well come to find out so is Scottsdale, really cool girl is one of my closest friends. He asked if that bothered me...Um, really?...YES!

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