Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I just wanted to let everyone know I am feeling much better today. The power of prayer, tears and sleep is amazing! I also want to thank you all for your e-mails, helping other people helps get me out of my head, and reconfirms why I am doing all of this! Thank you. I love you all, Emily


  1. things always seem better in the morning light! brickmomma-

  2. Brickmomma, I tried to reply to you but got it all screwed up. My first sober vacation was to the Boundary waters. I used to carry my very own backpack filled with 16 ounce plastic bottles of miller light! I brought my AA reading material and did a lot of praying.This past summer was my second trip to the boundary waters and it went better and drinking was further from my mind. If you attend meetings, look at people around your tables who have many years of sobriety--PROOF that it can be done and is worth it! Hang in there

  3. this site hits home,i am an alcohlic mom who spent 18 months in prison for a dui,and now have over 3 years sober,2 beauitifull boys,one who has and will never see me drunk,i wouldnt change what i went through. but would love to help other moms,i have such graditude for life now,thanks for reassuring i am not alone, sj