Sunday, November 1, 2009



  1. Congratulations on your sobriety, Emily! It takes a lot of strength to use your story to help others. God bless you on your journey.

  2. Emily, I saw you on Dr Phil, and I saw Mary the woman who drank with her daughter Kelly, and I saw alot of "me" in her. Now that I have finally gained my very FIRST YEAR EVER of Sobriety! I've been trying Recovery, and trying with so many FAILED ATTEMPTS at Sobriety, I just eventually gave up! Now, everything I have been through I believe it was neccessary like Dr Phil said, I had to get SICK and TIRED to the point of NOT Wanting to see it, look at it, hear it taste it smell it anymore! And what I have gone through, made me reach that point, so I believe for me, it took what it took, in order for me to finally get so sick of ME of Jail, of Detoxes, of Cops, Treatments all knowing me on a first name basis. Just everything about drinking and using, had to be shattered, but at first it was a battle, even though I THOUGHT I was through, this disease fooled me it LIED to me, it told me I could handle ONE, or I could drink, NO ONE would know, I DESERVE it, just a whole lotta lies, and finally I had ot know, 'I' have the POWER to choose TO drink or NOT to drink! And the Beauty of the truth in, "I DON'T EVER HAVE TO DRINK AGAIN IF I DON'T WANT To!" I have held my coin so close to my heart and my Soul, my heart smiles everytime I hear at a meeting, someone has 30 days, and discounts it. unknowingly how very important they are to all of us! I understand now why they are so important, to remind us of where we were and how we got ot where we are, and where we started, adn that we can go back to the starting point at anytime, IF I DON'T KEEP Sobriety my number one priority, and Give consant THANKS to my HIGHER POWER on a daily basis, This is what I 've learne din my ONE YEAR and i cant wait ot learn more,
    Happy Trails and Be A Happy Camper!
    In Sobriety