Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Crazy Day

Today was the craziest day ever! First I tried to get my twitter to post to my Facebook fan page for like an hour. Then evilbeet kept popping up, which is good with me because I love evilbeet. So I decide to join their fan page and while I was there I decided to go to read evilbeet and found myself on their "Our Evil Cohorts" blog roll. Which I blogged about already and was like 10 times more excited that post. The truth is Sasha is a Monster is my favorite of all her sites. I read evilbeet for the amazing writing, I don't really care much about celebrities gossip. But I do care about Sasha...when I hear or see someone being mean to her I want to reach through the computer and choke them (but, that is not sober behavior so lets pretend I didn't say it) She is courageous and shares about a topic that most people are scared to. On top of that she is a super cool chick...I mean really kickball and ballet..RAD RIGHT!? Then the tweet that I wanted to show up to my facebook magically did:)

Next I tweeted that I was going to coffee and this is what I ended up doing...going to coffee, stopping at the DMV, dropping off some cable boxes at the cable place, picking up a wireless router, getting Beau something to eat and then going to Gavins parent teacher conference. I know my blog is new but you should know this about me, I am a 1 meeting, 1 errand or activity a day kinda girl. I have to remember that I am still sick and even though I am much, much better than I was and am happier than I ever have been if I don't take really good care of myself I will go right back to where I came from. I needed a nap by 11 today and the truth is I take a nap almost everyday.

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