Saturday, October 31, 2009


So far Halloween has been lonely. I handed out candy all by myself. Holidays alone suck. I am just sad right now. I know, I know...pour me pour me pour me another drink. I am going to allow myself a moment of self-pity... moment over!

Then Gavie (my 9 year old) and his friends walked over from his Dad's to get pictures taken and grab a I still feel a bit heavy hearted...but much better!

Maybe it's not lonely or sad at all. So many amazing thing are happening in my life right now that I have every feeling you can name... and drunks like me we aren't used to feeling our feelings as when you are drunk you don't really have to. So I'm going to kinda enjoy the moment..a kind of success let's being sober and feeling my feelings (good or bad:)

I am going to walk down to my neighbor's party and Beau (my 14 year old) and his crew will be home shortly. So check back later.....

K, I'm back. The neighbor's party, GREAT. It was a perfect mix of a adult party and a kid party a "Family Party". There was wonderful food, kids decorating cookies, very funny costumes and great people there. Loved it! It is still a bit weird to me when people can have parties without the main focus being alcohol. Sure some people were drinking but again not the main focus. Thanks guys for having me!

Yeah...this night keeps getting better and better. Gavin and his best friend Travis decided to spend the night here. I love a house full of kids! I know it's probably cause I have sodas, Call of Duty online and let them eat all the candy they want. But who cares why I am happy they're here. Still waiting on Beau and his crew. Could be trouble:)

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