Saturday, October 31, 2009

Girls Night Out

I feel that it is important that you get to know the "real" me. Yes, I am a woman in recovery which is a huge part of my life, but not my whole life.

So with that being said every other Friday is girls night out. All of our kids are with their Dads. We decided long ago that no matter what, we would do girls night out twice a month... here are the reasons for that....It helps us never get completely wrapped up in a man again, it is the best therapy in town and we have all been in that place where we let all of our friendships go and feel completely alone. So I think girls night out ROCKS!

Last night was special as we turned GNO into date night. John and I (John is my boyfriend best friend guy. We have been off and on again for 4 years. We are off right now, but when it comes to checking out a new man for Tams he's the best guy for the job:) went with Tami and her new man to DJ's to get to know him. So here's what we thought um...GREAT GUY! He treats her like an angel, is super down to earth and opened the door for her. Eric we like you! John says "We love you man." Go Tami...We are soooo happy for you!

Yes, we go the bar. The same bar I drank in ( the bartenders know me and care about me, they are very happy I am sober as I was a huge pain in their ass when I was drinking:) Some people in recovery can never go to bars again. If you are one of them don't! I did not go into a bar for about the first year of my sobriety. But, if I am spiritually fit I am all good.


  1. Hi Emily,

    I am really glad I got to meet you and John, you are both great people. I look forward to spending more time with you both!

    Thank you for the kind words, I am truly blessed to have my ~Angel~ Tami in my life!

    keep up the good work!


  2. Well I guess this is a personal decision; whether to go into bars or not. What I have learned from my textbook is that I need to change People, Places, and Things. Bars would probably fit easily into that Places category. What I was taught was that I shouldn't be in a bar if I don't have any business there. Spiritual fitness might prompt us to look elsewhere for a place to hang.

    Let me share a story that was shared with me. My sponsor and some friends had the same thought and went to a small bar in Scottsdale to hear a band and dance. They had a great time and returned another time for the same kind of evening. This time one of them was served a real alcoholic drink by accident, one sip was all it took to convince the whole group that they probably weren't in a real healthy place for sobriety.

    I would suggest that bars probably aren't the best place for people in sobriety to hang out. Just like I wouldn't think someone that has a gambling problem should hang out in casinos because their friends are.

    All that being said - it is a personal decision. I think it might be our responsibility as people who have climbed the 12 step staircase to pass on a message to newcomers and people interested in seeking a new spiritual lifestyle that bars might not be our first pick for social activities.

    Love you Em and hope you don't take offense to my difference of opinion with you! After all I think blogs are supposed to generate conversation right? And after all these are just my opinions because we are all on our own Journey.



  3. OMGosh Val I am not offended at all! I love that you shared! I so wish there was a sober hang-out! A place with pool, darts, music and coffee! Holy crap, I think I just came up with my next business idea! XO, Em