Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tired Blogger

I am super tired. But I didn't want to go a day without blogging. I am learning that I am going to have to get a cell phone to blog from...all in God's time! .... When I started the PEOPLE thing I really thought I wanted to be on talk shows. Then the People reporter called and told me they were going to talk about it on Oprah. Only talk about it, and that gave me a bit of anxiety. They spoke nothing of recovery, it pissed me off, I wanted so badly for someone to talk about where to get sober and how Great sobriety was. I thought to myself..."Why don't you share at every meeting you can" then my friend called and asked me to share today...She must have been reading my mind! It went really well... I wrote some of what I was going to say so I didn't freeze, as microphones make me super nervous. My whole story takes about 7 minutes add people and this site and we're at 10. I don't think anyone minded it gave more time for more people to share after the meeting and Alcoholics love to talk about themselves:)

Every other Friday is girls night out. This week we turned it into date night as Tami (Tami is one of my best girlfriends and will be blogged about often) has a new boyfriend and wanted to know what we thought of him....Come back tommorow for the 3 kid turn 4 kid internet dating story and to hear what we really thought about Tami's new man....

I just looked at the clock and I guess I did go a day without blogging, but not really. Good Night!

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