Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Fall Festival was WONDERFUL!! The kids loved it and had an amazing time. I sure did say sure a lot...but it was my honor to be a part of such a huge community event. To know that when a problem arises that it is really not a "real" problem is pretty amazing. "There is no one to run the lollipop booth" some see this as a problem, me not so much "Then close it" easy as that...see not a "real" problem. But here's the deal if parents can't help for 30 minutes in their child's classroom booth then they kinda suck...which may be a real problem, but it is not mine. Don't get me wrong I was sometimes the kind that sucked...When my kids were younger I really wanted and needed to walk around and play with the latter years you can pretty much figure out why I wasn't in a booth by reading my story in PEOPLE. What I am most grateful for tonight is for the many parents and volunteers that stayed in booths all night instead of closing them. When I asked the 3 boys I have spending the night tonight what their favorite part of the festival was...They said "Hanging with friends, the haunted house and the booths" Gavinism,Travism, Brandonism (they think getting their own "isms" is very cool!)

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